Create a smarter shopping experience

    Gain a competitive advantage and create convenience

    Face recognition technology revolutionizes the way most industries operate. It enables brick and mortar stores to do what their online counterparts have been doing for years – identify customers, connect them to past purchases, and based on the received data, create personalized recommendations.

    Face recognition has the potential to give traditional stores a more extensive view, showing who’s buying what and when. With this data, shops are able to provide better service that will keep customers engaged and loyal.


    Predict Customers’ Needs Without Asking Them

    By using face recognition software, you are creating a record of every customer visit.


    Identify your customers as they walk in the door, just as if they were searching online, and collect data around their behavior and purchases.

    Use this information later to deliver the best possible in-person experience when they return to your store.

    Information can help predict what a customer may want and instead of bombarding them with all kinds of offers, customers can be shown items customized for their interests and needs.


    How does it work?

    The moment a customer enters a store, the camera identifies them and then passes the data to the server for recognition.

    When a customer is recognized, the system sends the customer ID to the retailer’s CRM.

    Within seconds, the customer already receives personalized offers and recommendations via push notifications of SMS on their smartphones.

    This significantly saves the customer’s time, enabling them to quickly find exactly those items they need.

    What are the benefits?

    Turn to more innovative technology to bring interaction and insight of the digital world into the physical shopping environment.

    Improve customer experience


    Face recognition software is the fastest and most effective way for any business to boost customer satisfaction. Earn a competitive advantage by offering your customers a better experience faster like the one they’ve used to receive online. Create an exceptional atmosphere that can’t be copied online and give your customers a reason for an in-person visit.

    Increase conversion rate


    Measure, manage and improve conversion rate with an accurate and easy-to-use solution. The face recognition software can be integrated with a marketing system that automatically introduces tailored promotions to the customer. The data collected over a period of time gives the retailer a much better understanding of how to make the necessary improvements.

    Let us explore together how Riddletag can work best for your use case!

    Know your customer service


    It is becoming common for banking institutions, and insurance agencies to require that their customers provide them with detailed information. It guarantees that they are not involved with corruption or money laundering. With the help of KYC companies and banks protect themselves by ensuring that they are doing business legally. It also protects individuals from any financial crimes.

    Loyalty program extension


    Customer loyalty is what most businesses should strive for. Having an exceptional loyalty program can lead to significant business growth and increased consumer retention.In recent years, loyalty programs have gained new recognition by providing customers with a more personalized experience. Improve your customer experience using face recognition. Identify the key customers right after they enter your store and deliver them a unique service.

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