About us

    We create things that work in real life, not just in theory

    Who we are

    Riddletag is led by its co-founders Yuriy Holuzynets and Stanislav Berdnyk, who formed the fast-growing company in 2017, with the aim of developing a service that will help companies automate their business processes.  

    Our Values

    Our core value lies in our people. We’re a diverse team with various backgrounds, sharing one commonality: make our society more secure and transparent.

    Constant Improvement 

    We always work hard and seek how to improve our products again and again. We are keen to hear your feedback and about your experience with Riddletag.

    Strong Relationships

    We build strong and long-term relationships with our clients. We are good team players and think that great things can be achieved through a sustainable and professional team.

    Knowledge Sharing

    At Riddletag, we encourage knowledge sharing culture, which enables us to learn from mistakes and keep our employees empowered and engaged with the company. 

    Entrepreneurial Spirit  and Ambition

    We are flexible, risk-taking, and hungry for innovation. It helps us to follow through our best ideas and make them happen.

    Our Culture

    At Riddletag, passion is necessary and opportunities are given. We believe in creating a place where people want to come to work. Riddletag was founded on the belief that transparency and collaboration create a culture of empowerment; more empowered people are more productive people. 



    We continue disrupting other industries. As of today, our clients are in banking, retail, insurance, and gas station industries. Our goal is to make face recognition simple and affordable for many businesses. And it’s just the beginning. 

    We have functioning offices in Ukraine and Estonia. 


    We are growing rapidly and just in two years we were able to grow from  a Ukrainian startup to a company with offices in two countries that provide four high-tech services, which are FacecardClub, RiddleID, Loyalty extension, Facecard payments.



    We are the first company in Ukraine and second in Europe that has developed payments with the help of face recognition technology for retail. 1,8 seconds is the time that requires to conduct a payment transaction. 

    FacecardClub won a Garage48 hackathon in Lviv. 

    We became members of the Ukrainian Association of Fintech and Innovation.


    The same year we’ve disrupted the retail industry by introducing the new technology for face recognition. It was designed to optimize the retail business and solve the retail tasks by combining the highest standards of accuracy, exceptional performance, and affordability.

    In order to start developing the minimum viable product (MVP), Yuriy had to partner with a real techie, who would share his vision. Stanislav turned out to be the person who got a strong technical background and liked the idea and the concept. They started to work on the first prototype and that’s how our first face detection service Facecard was born. 

    In May 2017 our founder Yuriy learned about the face recognition technology. He got the idea to develop an innovative solution that would allow retailers to switch from loyalty card programs to non-card solutions.

    At Riddletag, we combine our business experience and creative mindsets to build the best solution based on face recognition technologies.

    Face our team

    Yurii Holuzynets

    Executive director

    Phone: +380977219262

    e-mail: yurii.holuzynets@riddletag.com

    Stanislav Berdnyk


    Phone: ‭+38097988 16 71‬

    e-mail: stanislav.berdnyk@riddletag.com

    Lyubomyr Pavlyk

    Marketing and investment advisor 

    Phone: +380974429975

    e-mail: lyubomyr.pavlyk@riddletag.com

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    Meet our solutions

    We believe that every solution is different so as every client. This is why Riddletag offers four end-to end solutions that are customized to meet each client’s individual requirements. Whether your company requires integration of biometric authentication software, biometric payments, or a mix of both, our team will help you customize each product according to your business needs.