Our solution - Riddletag customer recognition

    Give customers an access, protection, loyalty and personal offers in time

    KYC - know your customer service


    It is becoming common for banking institutions, and insurance agencies to require that their customers provide them with detailed information. It guarantees that they are not involved with corruption or money laundering. With the help of KYC companies and banks protect themselves by ensuring that they are doing business legally. It also protects individuals from any financial crimes.

    Loyalty programs


    Customer loyalty is what most businesses should strive for. Having an exceptional loyalty program can lead to significant business growth and increased consumer retention. In recent years, loyalty programs have gained new recognition by providing customers with a more personalized experience. Improve your customer experience using face recognition. Identify the key customers right after they enter your store and deliver them a unique service.

    Automated upsell system 


    Face recognition has the potential to give traditional stores a more extensive view, showing who’s buying what and when. With this data, shops are able to provide better service that will keep customers engaged and loyal. Identify your customers as they walk in the door, just as if they were searching online, and collect data around their behavior and purchases.

    Biometric payments


    No more credit cards or online wallets. Paying with your face is the next disruptive technology that will significantly impact the world of consumer payments in general. Eliminate the need for users to enter passwords or use other manual authentication methods. With our biometric payment solution, customers can seamlessly make payments by simply looking into the camera.

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