Face biometrics for loyalty programs

    When customers have a positive experience with your brand, they are probably come back and maintain the relationship. So when deciding on what makes an effective customer experience while you’re setting strategic priorities, think about the role of technology and data. Seamless customer service is a powerful way to attract and retain true brand advocates. Superior customer experience leads to true loyalty that generates consistent revenue growth.


    Improve your customer experience using face recognition. Identify the key customers right after they enter your store and deliver them a unique service. By introducing the face recognition technology and combining it with the loyalty program, the retailer will be able to provide a more personal in-store experience. This will lead to better customer satisfaction and increased loyalty.


    Loyalty Programs

    Bring the online shopping experience into the real World

    Customer loyalty is what most businesses should strive for. Having an exceptional loyalty program can lead to significant business growth and increased consumer retention.

    In recent years, loyalty programs have gained new recognition by providing customers with a more personalized experience. We use technology and data to offer more opportunities for businesses who want to strengthen their customer loyalty and retention.

    Riddletag provides a solution that helps companies to automate customer identity using our smart-camera kit and mobile SDK that is integrated within your CRM system.

    How does it work?

    Discover and analyse the preferences of your

    loyal customers


    The loyalty program contains information, including name, age, gender, email address, and purchasing history of the customer.

    The smart-camera installed at the entrance of the store will take the photo of the visitor and our facial recognition technology will match the person visiting the store with a loyalty program account.

    Within a second a retailer will be notified of the customer’s presence. Such accuracy and speed will enable retailers to suggest relevant and personalized offers, thereby surprise loyal customers. Customers who regularly shop in your store will be delighted with special offers that precisely meet their demands.

    What are the benefits of loyalty programs extension?

    Imagine customers walk into your store and the vendor welcomes them by name. Then the seller immediately shares the latest products customers might be interested in.

    Such an experience will bring:


    No need for customers to carry around plastic cards. All the data and bonuses are stored in the customer’s personal account, thus eliminating the need for a physical loyalty card.


    The moment customers enter a store they are identified at the point of sale. The store then notifies visitors about the new items they might like, thus personalizing the experience and helping them to find goods they need with little effort.


    Retailers will always recognize loyal customers and offer them products based on the purchase history and buying habits of the customer.

    Don’t get left behind and enhance your customer experience today!

    Automated upsell system


    Face recognition has the potential to give traditional stores a more extensive view, showing who’s buying what and when. With this data, shops are able to provide better service that will keep customers engaged and loyal. Identify your customers as they walk in the door, just as if they were searching online, and collect data around their behavior and purchases.

    Biometric payments


    No more credit cards or online wallets. Paying with your face is the next disruptive technology that will significantly impact the world of consumer payments in general. Eliminate the need for users to enter passwords or use other manual authentication methods. With our biometric payment solution, customers can seamlessly make payments by simply looking into the camera.


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