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    Use the Riddletag customer recognition services to increase your KPI

    How to scedule a demo


    Would you like a demo of one of our products, or perhaps you would like to discuss a potential solution for your business? In the demo, we will explain the benefits of using Riddletag and how it works in real time. The demo lasts 30 minutes.

    Request a free personalized demonstration and see Riddletag in action.


    To arrange a demo follow the next steps:

    • Choose a convenient date and time in the calendar.

    • Choose the product you would like to test.

    - Loyalty program extension

    - Automated upsell system

    - Biometric payments

    • Save the invitation from confirmation e-mail to your calendar.

    • Download on Mobile or Desktop.

    • Click the "Location" link in your calendar invitation.


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    Meet our solutions

    We believe that every solution is different so as every client. This is why Riddletag offers four end-to end solutions that are customized to meet each client’s individual requirements. Whether your company requires integration of biometric authentication software, biometric payments, or a mix of both, our team will help you customize each product according to your business needs.